Train your very own Truffle Hound

Sssshhh don't tell everyone but there are TRUFFLES in them there woods! 

Does your dog have a nose?

Do you like fine ingredients?

Are you looking for a new experience?

Why not train your dog to find them and turn a good walk into a great one!

We have put together a 6 sessions package focused on you and your hound.

Why not buy one for yourself and plan to spend some quality time for the remainder of 2019 with your canine best friend.

Who knows what you may find?

Price:  £270

One on One


6 sessions personalised to you and your dog.


You will work with your trainer to develop your dog's natural ability to recognise the scent of ripe truffles and to tell you when they have found them.

A session is usually a minimum of one hour and will take place at Battle Croft Farm or a secret local location. 


No blindfolds will be used during the training


You will gain a greater understanding of how your own dog's nose works.