How we train

Darren trains on a 1-2-1 basis.  1-2-1 training means he spends time with dog and owner training in the environment best for them, whether that be at home, in the forest, open countryside, local walk or Battle Croft Farm.  He builds trust with the dog and an understanding of it's character and how it will learn best.  His 30+ years of training and working dogs means that he has a huge armoury of experience and different training approaches he can dip into and share. It is rare that there is a situation he has not encountered but he never stops learning and researching and his flexible approach means that he will find the right way for the dog.


Training does not mean 'boot camp'.  Training with Darren means fun learning for the dog and owner, building confidence in both.  It does not have to be to solve a behavioural problem he also trains 1-2-1 a number of different activities that can be stimulating and mentally exhausting for the dog whilst fun and engaging for the owner, building a much closer bond:


Scurry & Working Dog 

Scent Training

Truffle Hunting

Tracking & Trailing

Challenging behaviour 

If you are based within our area and are considering training for your dog why not get in touch?  Or read on for ideas about our training and pricing.


1:1 training to tap into your dogs natural ability.  Everything from working gun dog scurry to sheep dog training. Darren has been working and training dogs for 30 years plus in a number of disciplines.  As an ex working shepherd he has trained some good dogs.  There are numerous benefits for you and your dog in focusing on your dogs natural ability.   Other training takes place in secure fields.  Contact us to discuss your dog and its potential.


Your dog does not need to be trained to use it’s nose!    However tapping into your dogs natural ability through many scenting disciplines can open up a new world of interest and fun and have huge benefits in so many ways for you and your dog. 


Is your dog shy, bored or frustrated?


Would you like to do more with it and build a stronger bond whether at home or in the great outdoors?  

Do you have limited time to stimulate and have fun with your dog?

Why not book an Introduction to Scent?


Challenging behaviour comes in many shapes and forms and impacts on the enjoyment of life with your dog.  Situations could include:   Recall, running away, not coming back, lead pulling, barking, jumping up, nervous aggression, mayhem and destruction.  

From the initial assessment Darren builds with you a 1:1 programme developed to solve your dogs challenging behaviour.  Sessions are booked based on your availability.  

Training can be at your home, in the places you see the behaviour or in our secure fields.

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Assessment / Pay as you go rate: £55

Prepaid packages:

12 x session package = £480 

  6 x session package = £270

Sessions are a minimum of an hour and can be taken at the owners convenience, no need for a fixed day and time.  We .can also build a bespoke package.