Field to Fork... 

the southdown way.

Southdown Mutton bred on the South Downs back on the menu

'Where has all the mutton gone?' 

Once a dish enjoyed by Kings and peasants alike, celebrated by writers and poets it has disappeared from our local shops and cooks repertoire.  As a nation we would once ask for our mutton by breed, recognising the distinct flavour of each and southdown mutton was indeed one of the most sought after. 


We would like to put it back on your table.  There is a 'mutton revival' taking place across the country and we are delighted to be playing a part in that and bringing southdown mutton back

Our flock of southdown sheep live with us here in East Sussex on The South Downs National Park.  They graze around us on the herb rich downland grass.  

Our mutton is from four year old southdown ewes and is hung for a minimum of 14 days. It has such a distinct depth of flavour, not gamey but in our opinion, the rich taste of the downs.


To produce our mutton we are following the guidelines and standards set out by The Mutton Renaissance initiative and the National Sheep Association 'Make More of Mutton' campaign.  

       Gently stir and blow the fire,

Lay the Mutton down to roast,

Dress it quickly, I desire;

In the dripping put a toast,

That I hunger may remove;-

Mutton is the meat I love.​

      On the dresser see it lie;

Oh! the charming white and red!

Finer meat ne'er met the eye,

      On the sweetest grass it fed:

Let the Jack go swiftly round,

Let me have it nicely brown'd

      On the table spread the cloth,

Let the knives be sharp and clean,

Pickles get and salad both, 

Let them each be fresh and green.

With small beer, good ale, and wine,

Oh ye gods! How I shall dine!


          Jonathan Swift 1667 - 1745