Southdown Sheep... 

bred on the South Downs

“Southdown mutton is much in request in London for those who are particular in the flavour”

— Charles Partington 1838

Our Southdown Mutton comes from our flock of pure Southdown sheep who have only been grazed on the South Downs. 

Reared on downland grass and naturally foraged crops. 

Our mutton has been produced from 4 year old ewes and has been traditionally matured on the bone for at least 14 days. 

We are SOLD OUT  Contact us to place an order for early 2019


Mutton Sausages

NEW IN . Mutton, Juniper & Black Pepper sausages.  Made for us using our Southdown Mutton by Woodleigh Mill Butchers, Polegate a traditional family butchers renowned for their fantastic sausages.  Naturally GLUTEN FREE.  Try some and let us have your thoughts.

Mutton Leg - Half

Delicious and versatile leg of mutton, perfect for slow cooking, roasting or dicing for curries and tagines

Mutton Shoulder - Half

Shoulder of mutton full of flavour, delicious roasted or slow cooked also the key ingredient in the making of our Macon.  Great on the BBQ or diced for tagines and curries

Rack of Mutton - French Trimmed

Rack of Ribs - French trimmed by our butcher for ease.  Simple to cook, share with friends or enjoy for a week night dinner

Mutton Neck Fillet

Mutton Neck Fillet.  Tender and sweet to taste.  Perfect for an evening supper

Mutton Chops

Delicious versatile mutton chops, succulent and full of flavour.

Mutton Shank

Our favourite cut.  These slow cook to perfection

Mutton Chump

Taken from the rump, these steaks are plump and juicy.  Pan fry or grill

Mutton Diced

So versatile, diced mutton can be used in curries, pies or even as kebabs on the BBQ

Mutton Mince

Mutton mince, full of flavour, so versatile, perfect for a proper shepherds pie or even as a burger for the BBQ

M Acon

Made with our shoulder of Southdown Mutton.  We are not currently making this to sell however we have written about the making of macon.

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