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Has your dog shown an unhealthy interest in sheep or other livestock?

Are you worried they might?

Darren Greenfield is a highly regarded Dog Trainer and Working Shepherd of 30 years + Experience. 

When you have your initial assessment if  Livestock Worrying is a concern he will build livestock diversion into your wider programme.  He will during the course of your programme introduce your dog to livestock safely and teach them to be less interested as well as assess how your dog behaves and give wider tips and advice so you have a better understanding.


NB:  This is not livestock proofing and your dog should be kept under control and on a lead around livestock at all times

Dog and owners learn together in a secure safe and wildlife rich environment where no ‘harsh’ or ‘physical’ methods are used.  


Every situation that may distract or entice a dog in the countryside is here including sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. 

No farm animals or dogs are hurt, scared or put in danger.

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Sheep and livestock worrying is on the increase and is under reported.

Relations have been tense between dog & sheep since they were first domesticated thousands of years ago.


'It is as much part of the dog’s nature to bare its teeth and chase as it is for the sheep to be meek, woolly and well 'not very bright'!'

It is estimated that close to 15,000 sheep died in 2016 following incidents with dogs.   

There were 116 deaths, from one flock on the South Downs.

Not all dogs chase but all dogs can chase in the right circumstances.

One solution to the problem is education and training for dog and owner as part of the wider training programme.



Darren Greenfield is Totally Canine Training and was born and bred on the South Downs.  


His 30+  years experience as a respected dog trainer and working downland shepherd means that sadly he has numerous experiences of the devastation caused by dogs worrying sheep and livestock.  


He has developed an effective training programme focused on testing and training dogs to be less interested and controlled around sheep and other livestock. Whether they are straight out the box puppies who have never encountered livestock, newly rescued dogs whose backgrounds are unclear or a dog who has shown a lot of interest with a now very worried owner.  


During the programme he works with dog and owner using simple effective tricks and commands to change the dogs behaviour, teach them to be less interested in the livestock and birdlife around and gives owners confidence that they can spot the danger signs and move away from or control the situation. The most important outcome is they once again enjoy the countryside with their dog.

Here at Battle Croft Farm everything is in one place and focused on livestock protection.  




  • What situations may arise and what makes even the most docile dog chase.

  • What ‘worrying’ is and how it can have devastating effects - not just at lambing time.

  • What the Protection of Livestock act is and the penalties that can be imposed - Yes a farmer can shoot your dog but NO farmer wants to be put in that position!!

  • Why sheep and dogs behave the way they do and learn to know what to look for and how to respond to the signs.

  • Simple effective commands to bring your dog back under control should you find yourself amongst livestock.

Take what you learn away to give you greater control and sharper responses over your dog in all aspects of its life

Leave with a better understanding of your dog, sheep and other livestock and armed with simple effective commands, giving you the confidence to control a situation should it arise and free to enjoy the countryside with your dog genuinely under close control and

Dogs will and should be kept under control and on leads at all times around livestock.