Your dog’s nose is AMAZING and is up to a million times more sensitive than yours or mine.  It’s ability to scent is incredible and it is difficult for us mere mortals to imagine how much information your dog receives from a simple sniff.  From the moment your dog was born it has lived in a world rich with scent and uses it’s nose extensively everyday.

"what the nose of a dog can detect is only limited by our imagination!"

To find out more about your dog's nose why not book aTotally Canine Scent Experience.




Your dog does not need to be trained to use it’s nose!    However tapping into your dogs natural ability through scenting games can open up a new world of fun and have huge benefits in so many ways for you and your dog. 


Is your dog shy, bored or frustrated?


Would you like to do more with it and build a stronger bond whether at home or in the great outdoors?  


Do you have limited time to stimulate and have fun with your dog?

Why not book an Introduction to Scent?



Maybe a job is what they need to exercise body and mind!


But where to start?  How about an Introduction to scent?

A 2 hour session devoted to your dogs nose, an interactive talk about your dog and their nose.  You will learn about the different types of scenting and have the opportunity to search both indoors and out for different objects and scent.

We will show you different techniques to find what interests you and your dog. You will get to test the techniques and leave with tips, commands and games to have fun in your home or on your walks.



  • Builds confidence in a shy dog.

  • Taps into what your dog is already well equipped for

  • Reinforces commands providing a better response in all aspects of your dogs life

  • Stimulates and exercises your dog both physically and mentally

  • You and your dog work together - its about teamwork

  • Fun time for you and your dog.


Suitable for all breeds and ages.- any dog can be taught new games