"Darren is a gifted and inspirational trainer. It's some years since I last did any obedience training with a puppy, so my knowledge was a bit rusty and out of date, and I have to say Sophie has been a bit of a challenge too! But Darren's approach is calm and balanced, taking into account both the needs of the dog and owner. If one way doesn't work, then Darren will try another until the desired result is achieved, whilst still acknowledging and allowing Sophie to be a cheeky, exuberant puppy. So with great thanks to Darren, Sophie is now a dog I'm proud of and a joy to take anywhere. Sophie and I are looking forward to continuing our training with Darren as we move onto learn some fun-only gundog training.!"



Sophie was a 5 month old Cocker Spaniel when she started working with Darren.  The first spaniel for her lovely lady owner who also had two much older dogs.  Full of mischief and spaniel speed her puppy exuberance was not welcomed at home by the older two.  Her owner wanted help initially with lead work, recall and the home situation but she also wanted to build Sophie's confidence over time and find a fun activity they could enjoy together and allow Sophie to use her Spaniel brain.



Retrievers can be as stubborn as they are bright and the training focused on building his confidence to the point that he would once again associate the car with fun and adventure.  The objective was to get him to climb into the car on his own and allow the door to be closed with him remaining calm, then to go on a journey resulting in a long walk and for him to climb back in happily at the end (no one wanted to get him somewhere and then not be able to get back!!!!!) .  Darren built a plan with Byron's owners setting out the different stages he thought would be needed and gaining their commitment to flex and alter the plan based on response.  During the 8 session training a number of methods were deployed to build his confidence, some successful, some he laughed at and others....well!    The final breakthrough came in the oddest wayBut Darren is persistent and he had a light bulb moment and one sunny day built a car alongside the car......



A plan was developed to focus initially on the basics



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