Dogs are incredible and make such a difference to our lives but sometimes the things they do (or don't do) can be a little challenging for us as owners and impact on their lives as much as ours.

Examples may be:

  • Pulling on Lead - dragging us for a walk

  • Not listening

  • Not returning 

  • Barking - at other dogs, cars, people 

  • Chewing or destruction at home

  • Jumping up

  • Nervous around people or dogs.

  • Chasing or interest in Livestock

  • Brid obsessed

There are many other examples but if one of these resonates why not read on or get in touch.




Darren Greenfield is Totally Canine Training and was born and bred on the South Downs.  He has been training, studying and working dogs for over 30 years.  He trains using Mutual Respect, Trust and Positive Enforcement.  Effective methods that deliver results and work everyday for you and your dog. 


Due to Darren's depth of experience it means that he is a practical trainer and can also be flexible and where one method may not be having an effect can switch tact.  After all like humans every dog learns differently and Darren is skilled at finding the method that turns your dog on to training



Sessions are 1:1 - just you and your dog with no distractions.  We do encourage other family members to get involved so everyone has the same experience. 


Sessions can be booked around your lives unless you want a fixed day and time.

Block booking a number of sessions means a much lower rate per session.

Once you are training with us you are a friend for life and can call anytime.

Depending on the challenge we will work in your environment or here on the farm.




 We know how important choosing the right trainer is for you and your dog.  Many of our clients are happy to discuss their training experiences with potential new clients and we can put you in touch with someone who may have had a similar training issue.

We have also received a number of fabulous reviews, here is a taster:

'Any behaviour problems with your dog's would totally recommend Darren.he has a way with dogs that brings out the best in them.  They love him and try their best to please him. If he cannot find the answer to a problem straight away he will try many ideas, finding one to suit your dogs needs. Very friendly approachable man, making you and your dog feel at ease.

You can tell he enjoys his job.'